About Us

1. Introduction of Blackhawk Education

Blackhawk Education focuses on providing international English proficiency testing and consulting services for people going abroad. The main project is to provide the best one-stop overseas IELTS group of services for many IELTS students, making it easier and more convenient for candidates to go abroad for the exam.

After ten years of development, Blackhawk Education has successfully led tens of thousands of candidates to go overseas to complete the international IELTS test. Our company's service scope reaches the entire Asia-Pacific region, including 14 countries and regions including Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Japan.

We will provide you with the fastest overseas examination consultation, and help you pass the IELTS exam and get the offer.

Candidates and parents are welcome to choose Blackhawk Education as the primary service provider for IELTS exam.

2. Service content and details

【Core Business】

- Overseas IELTS test placement inquiry and agent registration:

  Overseas IELTS test account registration, overseas IELTS test registration and speaking test reservation (online registration and offline registration).

- Overseas IELTS test group services:

  Visa; Test registration; Hotel booking; Shuttle services; Test counseling; Test prediction, etc.

- Receiving IELTS score report and enquiry on results on behalf.

Our local staff can help candidates to receive IELTS transcripts on behalf of local IELTS institutions, and apply for transcript review applications, expedited review and related matters after successful review.

- Overseas IELTS test transfer and withdrawal

- Candidate extra transcript delivery service.

  Help candidates to apply for foreign schools, and provide additional transcripts required to apply for schools, including paper and electronic versions

【Overseas IELTS point selection】

The overseas IELTS service scope of Blackhawk Education includes Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, etc.

3. Blackhawk Education IELTS model test system

The Blackhawk Education IELTS model test system is developed by Blackhawk Education. It is an advanced all-true model test system based on the IELTS official computer test and further optimized. Candidates can calmly take the IELTS test.

The system not only includes official exam questions training, but also innovatively adds basic sections such as listening audio review, answer analysis, oral video explanation, composition correction, and review preparation plan customization to help candidates accurately and efficiently break through the IELTS difficulties.

【System Features】

-100% Official standard

-The question bank is updated in real time to synchronize the latest Asia-Pacific real questions.

-Intelligent analysis of test results, instructors accurately comment online.

-Highly-rated teacher's composition feedback, customized pre-exam review plan.

In order to target different IELTS user groups, Blackhawk Education provides three sets of personalized member course programs to meet the different needs of candidates for the IELTS test.

Candidates can choose the corresponding member course plan according to their actual situation, through accurate and efficient IELTS computer test training, to achieve the purpose of obtaining an ideal score as soon as possible.

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